Contrat Mondial Relay

You must have a pro contract with the company Mondial Relay to be able to make deliveries through them. If you have not yet subscribed to a Mondial Relay professional account, you can make a request to the company Mondial Relay via their site:

PHP version

The plugin requires a version of PHP equal or superior to version 5.6.0. It is nevertheless strongly recommended to use an updated and supported version of PHP (you can find this information on the following page:

PHP SOAP package

SOAP is the protocol used to communicate with the Mondial Relay WebService. Without it, there can be no links between your WordPress site and Mondial Relay’s computer system. This is a standard PHP package, but some hosting providers do not enable it by default.

You can check if this class is well activated on your site by going in the menu “WooCommerce”, submenu “Status”, tab “System status” and by looking in the table “Server environment” the line named “SoapClient”.

If you get an error message, you need to enable this SOAP class on your PHP server in order to use the Mondial Relay plugin for WordPress.

WordPress version

The plugin is compatible with WordPress from version 4.0 onwards. It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of WordPress available.

WooCommerce version

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce from version 3.1. It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of WooCommerce available.

Version of Jquery

The plugin is compatible with the Jquery natively included in WordPress (version 3.5.1). Compatibility with versions of Jquery different from the native version included in WordPress is not guaranteed.