The Mondial Relay – InPost group is increasing the number of Relay Points and developing a large network of Lockers in parallel. These two delivery methods have different constraints in terms of operation, maximum authorised weight (25kg for Lockers, 30kg for Points Relais) and maximum parcel size (Length 64/ width 41/ height 38 for Lockers). It has become necessary to differentiate these delivery methods. The current 24R code is therefore becoming obsolete and is being replaced by two codes: 24R/MED for Points Relais and 24R/APM for Lockers.

To continue to offer delivery in a relay point, you just have to go to the parameters of your shipping method and change the code 24R in the dedicated drop-down menu to the code 24R/MED :

Passage du code 24r au code 24rmed
Change from 24R to 24R/MED

Following this modification, your shipping method will offer the choice of relay points to your customers. If necessary, don’t forget to change the name of your shipping method to remove the “Locker” mention or update the brand name used.

If you prefer to offer only locker delivery, you can do the same, but this time with the code 24R/APM.

In order to offer delivery in Relay Point and delivery in Lockers to your customers, you need to create a second shipping method dedicated to Lockers with the code 24R/APM. To do this, rather than creating a new shipping method and entering all the information, you can duplicate your Relay Point method and adapt it to become a Locker method. This is quick to do as the delivery charges are the same between these two codes. You can find the procedure to follow to make this duplication by going to the following page: Duplication of a “Mondial Relay Official” shipping method