The official Mondial Relay – InPost module for WordPress and WooCommerce is now in version 5.1 and this major update contains some important changes, including the arrival of the French home delivery offer, which requires some changes to the settings in order to be activated.

Home delivery in France

Home delivery in France is now available as part of the Mondial Relay – InPost delivery service. It completes the delivery offer and covers all delivery needs in France. 

To activate this option, you need to take certain actions in your Connect online space and in the plugin. All the necessary information is available on the following page of the documentation.

Compatibility with new WooCommerce Blocks

The plugin is now compatible with the new WooCommerce blocks. This gives you access to all the themes available on the market, including the latest.

Other changes

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 9.0.X.
  • Fix of the default weight limits in line with the new Start Offer weight grids.
  • Fix of the notice displayed in the order details of WooCommerce.
  • Fix of the colour of the selection button for relay points and lockers for InPost deliveries
  • Correction of the map display problem for deliveries to relay points in Germany and Austria.
  • Addition of elements for future compatibility with express payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • In version 5.2, correction of error 10001 when APIv2 fields are visually empty.