The plugin is entirely based on WooCommerce for the entry of shipping costs. It doesn’t appear in the settings and delivery method types of WooCommerce, and doesn’t integrate any pre-booked price, leaving you free to apply the pricing you want to your customers.

To parameterize the shipping methods for Mondial Relay, you can use the basic functioning of WooCommerce to give fixed prices or add an additional plugin to increase the possibilities of parameterization, such as the management of the price by weight.

1. Parameterization with WooCommerce standard methods

WooCommerce offers three types of shipping methods: Flat Rate, Free Shipping and Local Pickup.

Paramétrage méthodes expédition standard woocommerce
Setting up standard shipping methods in WooCommerce

The “Local Pickup” method is not adapted to be used with the plugin because it corresponds to a pickup by the customer in a fixed location (which can be your shop, your home, etc …).

The “Free delivery” method works with the plugin and allows you to set specific rules to be proposed to your customers (basket amount, promo code). You can find the details of this option in the dedicated WooCommerce documentation on the following page (in English) :

The “Flat rate” method is the method to use with the plugin to put a fixed price for your shipment. Note that price modulations can be set up using the Delivery Class system provided by WooCommerce which allows you to have a different cost depending on the products in the cart. You can find the details of this option in the dedicated WooCommerce documentation on the following page. :

2. Parameter setting with an additional plugin

If you want to manage the shipping price according to criteria such as the weight of the cart, you will need an additional plugin to bypass WooCommerce limits. Here is the list of modules allowing to modulate the shipping price according to different criteria with which our plugin is compatible :

For a management of shipping rates by weight, the free plugins are all sufficient.

For the parameter setting of the tariffs in these different plugins, you must refer to the documentation of these different modules.