The creation of shipments is carried out in several stages

  1. access the order in the WooCommerce backoffice,
  2. modify the pre-filled shipment generation elements,
  3. initiate the creation of the shipment in the Mondial Relay system.

1. Access the order in the WooCommerce backoffice

Any order placed in your shop can be found in the backoffice of WooCommerce in the menu “WooCommerce” => “Orders”.

Fonctionnement expédition accès aux commandes
Shipping operation access to orders

All orders are displayed, whether or not they have been taken with a delivery type linked to Mondial Relay. You must access the details of the order by clicking on its name in the “Order” column.

In the details of the order, you will have access on the right to a Mondial Relay box :

Fonctionnement expédition boite mondial relay
Mondial relay box shipping operation

This box will indicate whether an order has been created with a delivery type linked to Mondial Relay by offering you the button “Create shipping”, otherwise it will indicate “This order does not use Mondial Relay”:

Fonctionnement expédition commande non mondial relay
Operation dispatching order not Mondial Relay
Fonctionnement expédition commande gérée par mondial relay
Fonservation dispatching order managed by Mondial Relay

2. Entering the fields for creating the shipment

By clicking on the “CREATE SHIPPING” button, a pop-up window opens with the different parameters of the shipment.

Fonctionnement expedition popup saisie commande
Popup for entering shipment parameters

Here are the details of the different fields of this pop-up :

  • Delivery mode: this field, which cannot be modified, indicates the delivery mode chosen by the customer.
  • File number: this non modifiable field contains the WooCommerce order number.
  • Weight: this is the weight of the order. It is pre-calculated according to the elements entered in the product sheets, but can be modified if necessary (it must be entered in grams).
  • Number of packages: the number of parcels to be delivered for this order.
  • Shipment value: this optional field allows you to specify the value of the shipment.
  • Insurance: this field is used to specify the level of insurance required for the delivery. It is pre-filled according to the parameters entered in the Mondial Relay module.
  • Assembly time: this line only appears for LDS type shipments. It allows you to specify the estimated assembly time expressed in minutes between 0 and 180.
  • Instructions: Optional fields to provide specific instructions to Mondial Relay delivery teams.

3. Shipping creation

Once all the fields have been completed as you wish, you just have to click on the “Create shipping” button to trigger the creation of the shipping at Mondial Relay.

The pop-up window will display a message at the top of the screen telling you if everything went well or if there are input errors (invalid weight, …):

Fonctionnement expédition création de l expédition
Shipping creation

After the page reloads automatically, the Mondial Relay menu on the right will show you the Mondial Relay shipment number, the chosen Relay Point® or the type of home delivery and the status of the shipment at Mondial Relay. You will also have access to buttons to create labels in three formats: A4, A5 and 10*15; as well as a button to track the progress of the shipment.

Fonctionnement expédition informations sur l expédition
Shipping information