The first tab of the plugin’s settings allows you to :

  1. enter your Mondial Relay – InPost identifiers to link your Mondial Relay – InPost account to the plugin,
  2. Define the default insurance level for your shipments (the insurance level can also be modified individually for each shipment),
  3. Set the number of Relay Points® to be displayed when the customer searches.

1. Mondial Relay – InPost account configuration

You need to fill in the different identifiers communicated by Mondial Relay when you validate your contract. These three pieces of information are essential to the proper functioning of the plugin.

Parametrage compte identifiants 1
Parameter setting account IDs 1

They can be retrieved from your customer account on You will find at the following address the procedure to follow to retrieve them:é-privée-pour-configurer-mon-module/

If you do not yet have a contract with Mondial Relay, you can subscribe to an offer on the website or contact them via their contact form :

2. Setting the default insurance level

This is where you define the default level of insurance you wish to have on your shipments. This parameter can be updated individually when creating shipments.

Paramétrage compte assurance par défaut
Default insurance account setting

3. Configuration of the Relay Point® search

Here you can define the number of results provided to the customer when searching for a Relay Point® on your site. The default number recommended by Mondial Relay is 7, you can change it to a number between 1 and 30.

Paramétrage compte nombre de points relais
Parameter setting number of relay points