Mondial Relay – InPost has launched home delivery in France. To take advantage of this service, you need to have version 5.1 or higher of the plugin.

To set up this option on your site, you need to take two steps: one in your Connect online space to activate this option in your pro account, and one in your site’s back office to enter the dedicated identifiers. Once these actions have been completed, you can add a shipping method dedicated to this new delivery method.

Please note: these actions are essential to activate the service. They will result in a label dedicated to home delivery in France containing a double barcode. If no changes are made, the resulting label will have only one barcode and may be faulty.

1. Activate the option in your Connect space

To do this, go to your Connect online space (you must use the same login details as those used to connect to My Profile):

Then go to the “Administration” menu and select “API configuration”:

Accès au menu de gestion des API

Dans cette page, vous pourrez sélectionner l’API v2 et l’activer :

Image 1
API v2 selection

Once this option has been activated, you will have access to the logins that will enable you to activate home delivery in the plugin, namely “Login API” and “Password API”:

Image 2
Activation codes to be entered in the plugin

2. Entering identifiers in the plugin

To activate home delivery in France in the plugin, go to the “Mondial Relay – InPost” menu, “Account” tab:

Image 4
Access to the “Account” menu

On this page you need to enter the information for API v2, i.e. the “API Login” and “API Password” data.

You don’t need to change the information above (Store Code, Brand Code and Private Key) for API v1. This information must be kept, however, as it is needed to display the selection map of relay points and lockers when you place your order.

Once this information has been recorded, your site is ready to offer home delivery in France. To do this, you need to create a dedicated shipping method in your geographical zone for France and select the HOM delivery method. You can refer to the following documentation for this here.