The official Mondial Relay – InPost plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce is upgrading to version 4.1 and this major update contains some important changes that require modifications to the settings.

Deliveries under the Mondial Relay brand or the InPost brand

Mondial Relay – InPost Group now delivers under two brands depending on the country of delivery: under the InPost brand in Spain, Portugal and Italy; under the Mondial Relay brand in the rest of the network. If you deliver to Spain, Portugal or Italy, we recommend that you change the name of your shipping methods for these countries. 

In addition, rebranding brings visual changes to the ordering process for your customers. You can find all the information about this here: colours and logos according to the brands

Separation of Relay Points and Lockers

The Mondial Relay – InPost group is increasing the number of Relay Points and developing a large network of Lockers in parallel. These two delivery methods have different constraints in terms of operation, maximum authorised weight (25kg for Lockers, 30kg for Points Relais) and maximum parcel size (Length 64/ width 41/ height 38 for Lockers). It has become necessary to differentiate these delivery methods. The current 24R code is therefore obsolete and is replaced by two codes: 24R/MED for the Points Relais and 24R/APM for the Lockers. Although the rates are the same, you will need to change your settings to offer these two choices to your customers. Your current shipping methods will continue to work as normal, but without your intervention, they will soon stop offering Lockers. You can find out how to change your current methods and duplicate them here: migration from 24R to 24R/MED and 24R/APM.

Other changes

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.4.X.
  • Added function for duplicating “Mondial Relay official” shipping methods.
  • Added a filter to change the address stored in the shipping address when a relay point or Locker is selected.
  • Added a filter to change the shipping address used when creating a shipment from the back office.
  • Added a filter to modify the list of order statuses used to display the bulk creation table.
  • Addition of explanatory texts and adaptation of texts to take account of lockers
  • Permanent removal of obsolete Mondial Relay LD1 and LDS methods
  • Fixed decimal point problem with promo codes to define whether the “Mondial Relay official” method should be free
  • Correction of notice in the backoffice in case of missing title for a Weight base Shipping method.
  • Correction of locker selection with the test account BDTEST13
  • Correction of translations