The second tab for setting up the plugin allows you to :

  1. specify the Mondial Relay delivery modes for each type of WooCommerce delivery,
  2. Define the status change to bring to the order in WooCommerce following the creation of the shipment.

1. Configuration of delivery modes

This is the heart of the parameterization for the proper functioning of the plugin. It is necessary to have previously defined all the necessary delivery types in WooCommerce (voir l’étape “Paramétrage des méthodes d’expédition” de la documentation).

As an example, you will see on the screenshots below the settings of all the possibilities offered by Mondial Relay (the names in the “Shipping Methods” column correspond to the names given to the shipping methods, but not to their type; it is “Flat_Rate” in this case).

Paramétrage woocommerce zones de livraison part1
woocommerce settings delivery zones part1
Paramétrage woocommerce zones de livraison part2
woocommerce settings delivery zones part2

You will probably not have to set up all these types of delivery, it depends on your needs and what is included in your Mondial Relay contract.

Once the settings are made in WooCommerce, if you have used the “Mondial Relay Officil” shipping type for deliveries by Mondial Relay, you have nothing more to do here. If, on the other hand, you have used the WooCommerce shipping method types (Flat Rate, Free Shipping, …) or a third-party price management plugin, you still need to link each of these shipping types with a Mondial Relay shipping method.

To do this, go to the “Mondial Relay” menu in the “Configuration” tab:

Parametrage configuration acces au menu v4 1
Parameter setting configuration access to the menu

The list of all the delivery types you have set up in WooCommerce appear here. By default, they are all considered as “Delivery outside Mondial Relay” (HMR code). To link a WooCommerce delivery type to a Mondial Relay delivery type, you just have to select the desired Mondial Relay delivery type on the corresponding line. For each delivery method linked to Mondial Relay, an indicator will be present at the beginning of the line. Once the parameter setting is done, do not forget to validate by clicking on the button “Save changes” at the bottom of the screen.

Parametrage configuration choix mode de livraison mondial relay v4 1
Parameter setting configuration choice delivery mode Mondial Relay
Paramétrage configuration enregistrement des modifications
Parameter setting configuration saving changes

The code 24R/MED corresponds to delivery to a relay point (weight limitation with a maximum of 30 kg), the code 24R/APM to delivery to a locker (weight limitation with a maximum of 25 kg and limitation on the size of the parcel with a maximum length of 64 cm / width of 41 cm / height of 38 cm), the code DRI to delivery to a drive point and the code HOM to standard home delivery for parcels under 30 kg. The codes HOC and HOD are dedicated to France and depend on your Mondial Relay contract. The 24R code alone is now obsolete and should no longer be used (version 4.1 of the plugin and higher).
More generally, whether or not you are entitled to use these codes depends directly on the type of contract you have with Mondial Relay. For example, with the Start offer, you only have access to the codes 24R/MED for delivery to a relay point, 24R/APM for delivery to lockers and HOM for home delivery. If you need more information on this point, you can contact Mondial Relay’s sales team using the following form :

2. Order status after creating a shipment

This setting allows you to define the new order status in WooCommerce once a Mondial Relay shipment has been created.

Parametrage configuration etat de la commande dans woocommerce 1
Parameterization configuration order status in woocommerce after creation shipment