You can duplicate a “Mondial Relay Official” shipping method within a geographical area. This can be particularly useful if you have created a shipping method in a Point Relais (code 24R/MED) and you wish to add a shipping method in Lockers (code 24R/APM). As both types of delivery have the same prices, this will allow you to create the second method without having to enter the weight-based price scale.

To do this, you must go to the geographical area in question. By hovering over the name of the “Mondial Relay Official” shipping method to be duplicated, you will have access to the “Modify”, “Delete” and “Duplicate” functions:

Duplication methode expedition lien
Link to duplicate shipping method

If the “Duplicate” function does not appear on hovering, you need to reload the page. The link should appear after reloading.

By clicking on the “Duplicate” link, after the automatic reloading of the page, you will have a new shipping method, with the same title as the one you duplicated with the mention (copy) :

Duplication methode expedition nouvelle methode
Creation of the new shipping method

Then simply click on the name of the new shipping method to change the name and the delivery type to Lockers :

Duplication methode expedition mise a jour
Update of the new shipping method

After registering these changes, you will have two shipping methods with the same rates, one for delivery to a Relay Point and one for delivery to Lockers:

Duplication methode expedition deux methodes
Duplication completed