This incident is manifested by the absence of a map on the popup for choosing relay points with the following error message at the top of the window: “Sorry, we have not been able to find any Relais points corresponding to your request, you can try again with another postcode near your search”.

Choix points relais sans carte
Choice of relay point without map

This problem with the map display is due to the number of relay points to be displayed. The Mondial Relay WebService can technically provide up to 30 relay points, but depending on the systems where the site is installed, this can cause problems. You need to go to the “Mondial Relay” menu, “Mondial Relay” sub-menu, “Account” tab and reduce the number of relay points to be displayed in the dedicated parameter (to give an idea, Mondial Relay generally recommends proposing 7 relay points here to avoid overloading the map).